Plastic Alternatives


Here are a few of my favorite waste free alternatives to commonly used plastic items. By swapping out just one or more out these items you’re already drastically reducing your trail of plastic waste.

Some of these items may seem like an unnecessary expense but if you consider how often you use their plastic alternative it’s a small price to pay! Many single use plastic items are completely unnecessary making it easy to avoid single use plastic all together. Help conserve our oceans and use this list to purchase sustainable, reusable items.

i. Plastic Straws

Plastic straws take up to 200 years to breakdown; the straws you use today will outlive you and most likely your children. Not only are they rarely properly disposed of, but more often than not they end up in our oceans killing whales and sea turtles.

ii. Plastic Wrap + Sandwich Bags 

iii. Grocery Bags

One million plastic bags are used every minute, each of which takes a minimum of 20 years to degrade. we know that carrying around a reusable shopping bag isn’t always a possibility so if you don’t have one on your next trip to the store, make a conscious effort and opt for paper bags to lower your plastic waste consumption and save our oceans.

iv. Take Away Coffee Cups

Most people think they can recycle hot coffee cups, unfortunately these cups have a plastic coating on the inside making them non recyclable.

v. Toothbrushes

Crafted from Moso Bamboo, which not only organically grows up to a meter a day but is also panda friendly (which means they don’t eat it or inhabit the area where it grows); making it a highly sustainable, safe and eco friendly material. The Humble Brush offers different colored bristles, utilizes zero waste packaging and with each toothbrush sold, they give one to a child in need.

vi. Shampoo + Conditioner

Opting for shampoo / conditioner bars is not only more cost effective then your standard bottled washes but they’re also healthier for our environment and for us; they don’t leave additional plastic to clutter your shower and don’t have any synthetic chemicals that most shampoos and conditioners generally contain.

vii. Plastic Silverware

We understand that ordering take out isn’t always avoidable, especially in NYC. So if/when you do order in opt out of the disposable plastic utensils. Odds are, if you’re ordering takeout you probably have access to real silverware anyways. If you don’t, get yourself a bamboo set and keep it in your purse or desk drawer. Plastic utensils are so easily avoidable!

vii. Produce Bags

Say no to plastic produce bags and pre-packaged dry items - pick up a set of cotton produce bags and a few large jars and use them for produce and all your bulk needs such as nuts, legumes, dried fruits and pastas. By shopping bulk you’re not only reducing your use of plastic but you’re also saving money and only purchasing what you’ll use of each item.