Rose West NY is taking part in the #FeedABee campaign in an effort to provide food for bees and other pollinators.

Bees gather pollen and nectar as food from flowers, today, one of the biggest challenges that bees face is finding enough food. Every purchase made on our website comes packaged with a recyclable glassine envelope filled with a mixture of beautiful wildflower seeds; this mix contains 20 different types of annual and perennial wildflowers including California Poppies, Wild Cosmos, Blanket Flowers, Blue Flax, Black Eyes Susan and Baby’s Breath.

Bees pollinate many of our fruits, nuts and vegetables that we consume to achieve a healthy well-balanced diet so do your part and help them thrive.

How to grow your wildflowers

  1. Research the best planting time for your area.

  2. Find a sun kissed corner in your garden with a minimum of about 6 hours of sunlight on average.

  3. Scatter your seeds on top of your soil and compress them by walking directly on top of the planting area. (Unlike vegetable seeds, do not bury / cover your wildflower seeds with soil.)

  4. Water the planting area until soil is moist, keep area moist during germination (until seedlings are about 4-6” tall). After beginning growth your wildflowers should survive on natural rain.

  5. Enjoy your blooms and watch the pollinators come!

Note: Be sure to keep your wildflower seeds in a cool dark place until you plant them to ensure a long shelf life.